Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bill Clinton Thinks I'm Cute

It's been a while since I've had a dream significant enough to write about.  And by significant I mean a dream that I can really remember.  This morning I was driving the work when I suddenly remembered my dream from last night.  I started laughing and trying to remember as much as I could about this dream.

The dream starts out at our football field where there is a big rally of sorts hosted by the "big wigs" of my university.  I was sitting in the stands with a bunch of freshman and I didn't want to disclose my age.  I was afraid they would rat me out for sitting in the student section.  My whole family was at the rally, as well, but for some reason I opted out of sitting with them.  This includes Tate.  He was hanging out with my dad, as usual. 

The rally included a stint from former President Bill Clinton himself.  Just after Clinton gave his remarks and before the rally ended, I started to exit the stands to find the restroom.  While on my way down, three different 18-year-old boys asked me on a date.  Instead of telling them that I was a faculty member or I was married, I just told them I was too busy.  I really didn't want them to know I was that much older than them.  Upon stepping into the foyer, I passed V.P. of Student Development Bronson Warren hob-knobbing with Clinton.  Bronson pulled me over and introduced me to Clinton as a member of his staff.  I shook his hand and then he pinched my cheeks and said, "You are just the cutest little thing I have ever seen in a professional position."  Wierd?  Only if it wasn't a dream.  I then ran into my family and told them that I was cool with the Pres. and I'd take them over to meet him.  My parents and husband, as well as my sister's husband, decided to go wait in the car while my two older sisters and I went to talk to him. 

By now there was quite a waiting line for fans wanting to see him.  So, we waited and waited.  Star finally got sick of standing and said she was going back to the stands and to call her when we get close.  Finally we reached the front of the line and we watched and laughed as Clinton struck funny poses with the people taking pictures with him.  We tried to call Star over and over, but couldn't reach her.  While we were on the phone, people kept cutting us in line and I started to get frustrated -- and pushy.  As our turn approached for picture time with Clinton, we still couldn't get ahold of Star, so Sheena and I tried to stall by gabbing with the president.  Out of the distance Star came running up and we were able to get the picture we were hoping for.  Then we left.  And I woke up.

I think I have an idea of where some of these components of the dream came from.  I think the rally was in the dream because there was a small rally of students on campus yesterday in support of a student in trouble.  The rally being held at the football stadium was probably because I was there for the Homecoming game this past weekend and I haven't been to a game all year.  Also, the comment about me being cute probably came about because while at that Homecoming game on Saturday, a male friend of mine pulled a real creepy moment of telling me how beautiful I am.  The pinched cheeks and trying to conceal my age certainly have something to do with how young I look.  I have never been ashamed that I look years younger than I am.  In fact, I've always been proud because I know that when I'm 40 and I only look 32 that I will look better than everyone who makes fun of me now.  However, with my job, it does get frustrating when I'm constantly being asked by students and parents what year I am in  college or comment that I'm really knowledgeable about the university for a freshmen.  Yes, I've heard that more than once. 

Also,  after the Homecoming game, a group of us went to the LaFragua reunion where we were the only people there under 47.  After we left, we went to a friend's house where there was supposed to be no one there under 21, but after walking in the house, we discovered hoards of underagers and students from the PLC class that I work with.  Worse than that, there were high school students that I had tried to recruit the week before.  I high-tailed it out of there before I could get caught, and as I made my way out, I lowered my head and tried to look really young so no one would oust me. 

Oh, and the whole Bill Clinton component of the dream -- it came from a post card I read on Post Secret.  If you've never been on that site, you should definitely check it out at


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